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Programming Arduino with an AVRISP MKII programmer

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Burning sketches to the Arduino board with an AVRISP MKII programmer without using the bootloader. This allows you to use the full program space (flash) of the chip on the Arduino board. So with an ATmega328, you will get 32KB instead of 30KB of space. It also avoids the bootloader delay when you power or reset your board.
Installing driver for AVRISP MKII
The driver file come with AVR Studio is not work for Arduino as a programmer, if you already installed that driver, please remove it and install the new driver which come with Arduino, the driver configuration file (avrisp2.inf) is located at ...\hardware\tools\avr\utils\libusb\bin\
AVRISP mkII device driver
Select Board
Select Board
Select Programmer
Select Programmer

You are ready to upload sketch to Arduino. Hold the shift key and move the mouse over the upload icon, you will notice the words will change to "Upload Using Programmer" as shown in figure below. Push the upload button while still holding the shift key to start uploading sketch.
Upload Sketch
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