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Monday, 30 July 2012 22:34

Port Forward - Control Device Over Internet

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This tutorial is intended to show you how to open ports (also call virtual server) on your router so that you can control/link your device over the internet. I would suggest to undestand what is IP address if you don't know what is Private IP and Public IP address.
In short Public IP is for outside organisation and Private IP is for inside organisation.
This guide is based on TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND wireless N router with original firmware. Assumed using the following settings. You might want to know what is Dynamic DNS on OpenWRT.
  • TL-WR1043 router IP address:
  • Device to be control (IP address) :
  • Device to be control (Port) : 455

  • Login to the router with the IP address (this is the default IP address for TL-WR1043 router)
  • Click on Forwarding & select Virtual Servers as show in figure below

 Port Forward


Add a new entry as shown in figure below

Add or Modify a Port

Save settings & reboot the router. Now you can control your device from web browser like this:



How about if I don't know my Public IP Address?

You can have many ways to get the Public IP address.

You can get it from the router status page as shown in figure below:

Router Status


You can get Public IP address from website as shown in figure below:

Get Public IP address from website

All the above step must done in local network, how am I to get the Public IP address if I'm not within the local network?

To get Public IP address from outside, you must set the DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) to the router or device to be control. Normally we set the DDNS to the router.

You must get a DDNS account before you can set to the router, here listed two common use service provider.



DYN is not free any more, you can go with No-IP if your router support No-IP service provider.

If your are using D-Link router, you can use the dlink ddns:


As shown in figure below is an example on how to set the DDNS account to the TL-WR1043 router.


After configure the DDNS settings. Save & reboot the router.

Done! You are ready to control your device over internet. I use to control my device.



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