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Seeedstudio RePhone: Mass Storage Mode works in first time, Alcatel single RNDIS Interface rebooting

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This is a solution on how to fix the problem where my Seeedstudio RePhone Mass Storage Mode is not working probably.

Mass Storage Mode works in first time, subsequently it does not appear as a "Removable Disk" (Red LED ON, Green LED OFF). I do get Alcatel single RNDIS network interface under the device manager, the RNDIS interface is keep on rebooting every few seconds. This problem only happen on Win7, WinXP is working fine.

You can fix the problem by disable the "automatic driver installation"

Disable automatic driver installation

There's a few ways to disable the "automatic driver installation"

Scan for hardware changes

  • Open "Device Manager" and navigate to "Network adapters"
  • Right click on "Alcatel single RNDIS Interface" and select uninstall
  • Click on Action Menu on the Device Manager and select "scan for new hardware changes"
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