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Sunday, 19 August 2012 12:13

16 Output Arduino Controller

The is a sketch for Arduino to communicate with computer or embedded device (eg. wireless router) using serial communication.
Arduino Duemilanove have 14 digital IO pins (2 digital IO used by serial) and 6 analog IO pins. Here I coded the analog IO as digital IO, so we can easily get 16 digital IO.
Control the Arduino
Use this syntax: xxnn\r
  • xx is ON, OF, RS, AC (Turn on, Turn off, Status, Enable/Disable Acknowledge)
  • nn ranged from 1-16 (channel 1 to channel 16)
  • \r is carriage return
Source Code:
Note: Make sure compile the code with Arduino 1.0 or above. 
Download: 16 Output Arduino Controller


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