• AttoBasic

    AttoBasic is a on-chip resident interactive Basic interpreter loosely based on memories of NASCOM Tiny Basic. AttoBasic interpets single lines from a terminal or an entire program stored in memory without the delay of compiling and loading an entire program. It is an excellent tool for debugging and experimentation on hardware.

  • Bascom

    BASCOM is the Windows BASIC Compiler designed for Atmel's microprocessors.

  • Freebasic

    FreeBASIC is a free/open source (GPL), 32-bit BASIC compiler for Microsoft Windows, DOS and Linux.  When used in its "QB" language mode, FreeBASIC provides a high level of support for programs written for QuickBASIC.
    FireFly Visual Designer is a rapid application development environment for the FreeBASIC computer language. FireFly accelerates the development of your Windows 32-bit and 64-bit programs.
  • FreeQ IDE

    A freeware, open-source, text editor for the RapidQ compiler written in the RapidQ language. It runs under Windows (2000/XP/Vista/Win7). There are several built-in utilities and functions, a form designer, RapidQ to FreeBasic converter, debugger, and menu designer to make coding easier.

  • Gambas

    Gambas is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, a bit like Visual Basic.

  • Great Cow BASIC suite

    The Great Cow BASIC suite is robust and fully functional compiler and assembler. Using Great Cow BASIC is the fastest method to program a Microchip PIC or Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontroller for those just starting and the professional user.

    Great Cow BASIC have two versions. Both versions use the same common core toolchain the difference is the user experience.

    1. Great Cow BASIC IDE
    2. Great Cow Graphical BASIC
  • Lazarus

    Lazarus is a free cross-platform IDE which provides a Delphi-like development experience for Pascal and Object Pascal developers. It is developed for, and supported by, the Free Pascal compiler.

  • QB64

    QB64 is a modern version of the Basic programming language that allows programs created using Quick Basic 4.5 or Qbasic to run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Linux and Mac OSX. It will work on 32 or 64 bit machines and has many new features such as stereo sound, improved graphics and TCP/IP internet capabilities. QB64 can make fast and reliable programs or games for the entire family!

  • Rapid-Q

    Rapid-Q is a BASIC-like programming language for the 32-bit multiplatform. It provides graphical user interfaces (GUI) and CONSOLE programs. The compiler is actually an interpreter for Windows, Linux, and Unix.

  • SimulIDE

    Real Time Electronic Circuit Simulator. With PIC, AVR and Arduino simulation.

  • TinyBasic Plus

    A C implementation of Tiny Basic, with a focus on support for Arduino.

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