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DIY 8x8x8 RGB LED cube


Build a custom jig

Making an 8x8x8 RGB LED cube from the ground up involves a variety of tasks, therefore I need to build a custom jig in order to maintain the spacing between LEDs while soldering. Figure below shows the design of my jig, it is very unique and modern.

Setup a jig

I made this jig using my CNC laser cutter, the Autocad drawing file (filename: Layer building tool.DWG) is available here.


Prepare the LED

The LED cube is arranged into 8 layers of 64 LEDs each, therefore you need 512 RGB LEDs. They are all common anode LEDs.

Prepare the LED


Bend the LED leg like this. It will take approximately one minute to make one of this.

Bend the LED


Build the First Layer

Aligning and straightening the bare copper wire with two pliers as figure below.

Aligning and straightening the bare copper wire


The LEDs will then fit snugly into the holes as shown in figure below.

LEDs fit snugly into the holes


Solder the anode of the LED to the bare copper wire.

Solder the anode pin of the LED


Test the LEDs, make sure all the LEDs are working before continue next step. A current limit resistor is required.

Test the LED


Solder the rest of the LED pins  to the bare copper wire which including Red pin, Green pin and Blue pin.

Solder the rest of the LED pins


It took about one hour to complete this layer.

First layer of LED cube


Trim away the excess leads. Congratulation! First layer of LED cube is completed!

Trim away the excess leads


You need to make seven more of this for a total of eight layers.

Each layer of LED cube


Stack the layers

I'm using my CNC laser cutter to make one more tool which helps to stack the layers.

Stack the layers


Stack the second layer

Stack the second layer


Stack until the last layer.

Stack until the last layer


Done! All layers completed!

All layers completed


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