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Connect Two Wireless Router Wirelessly ( Bridge ) using TL-MR3020

Explains how to bridge network using two wireless routers, the first (Host) router is configure as Access Point & the second router (TL-MR3020) is configure as Client mode. Same method should apply to all other OpenWRT routers as well.
  • Host router configure as Access Point. If you already setup a wireless internet connection in your house, usually your modem is configured as Access Point mode.
  • A working OpenWRT on TP-LINK TL-MR3020 Portable 3G/4G Wireless N Router
The routers is configure as two different subnet, assume using settings below as the example.
  • Host router IP:
  • Host router subnet mask: or if you want to access 192.168.0.x from 192.168.1.x
  • Host router SSID: ABC
  • Client router IP:
  • Client router subnet mask:
  • Open up a browser and navigate (TL-MR3020 IP is when flashing with OpenWRT)
  • Login to TL-MR3020 router & follow step below to complete the setup
 Wireless Overview
Join Network
WPA passphrase must same as host router passpharse
Join Network Settings
Wireless Network
The network segment must be diffrent when using with client mode 
Network Interfaces
Network Interfaces - LAN
Click on Save & Apply will reboot TL-MR3020, connect an ethernet cable to your computer, you are ready to use the internet now.
Add a virtual interface (SSID) so that other clients (devices) is able to connect to TL-MR3020 wirelessly
Wireless Overview - Add
Wireless Network - General Setup
Wireless Security
Viewing wireless network connectin from Windows XP
Available wireless
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