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Flashing TP-Link TL-WR1043ND with DD-WRT

TP-Link TL-WR1043ND is one of the best 2.4GHz routers available, it has won numerous awards including "Best Product", "Best Wireless Router", "Editor's Choice" and "Best Design".
Using DD-WRT can make your network infinitely more stable and easier to tweak. Click here for more about DD-WRT.
DD-WRT for TP-Link TL-WR1043ND available in few different version, please choosing the correct firmware and download the stable version. However, I'm flashing my router (hardware version V1.8 and V1.10) to the latest BrainSlayer-V24-preSP2 version without any problem.
Here is the download path:
Downloads › others › eko › BrainSlayer-V24-preSP2 › 2013 › 05-27-2013-r21676 › tplink_tl-wr1043nd
DD-WRT download path
You must download both factory-to-ddwrt.bin and tl-wr1043nd-webflash.bin
Upgrade to DD-WRT
Initially you upload factory-to-ddwrt.bin file to the router, once uploaded completely, you can start to upload tl-wr1043nd-webflash.bin file.
  1. Open up a browser and navigate to which is the default router IP
  2. Login to router, default user is admin, default password is admin
  3. Select System Tools>Firmware upgrade as shown in figure below
    TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND Upgrade Screen
  4. Click on Browse button and select factory-to-ddwrt.bin file
  5. Click on Upgrade button to start upload factory-to-ddwrt.bin file to router
  6. Router will reboot once the file had been uploaded
  7. Enter when the router is ready, you should see DD-WRT login screen. Notice that the firmware is v24-sp2 (12/31/12)
    DD-WRT login
  8. After making changes to Router Username and Router Password, click on Change Password button to continue.
  9. Now we need to upload the tl-wr1043nd-webflash.bin file to router. Select Administration>Firmware Upgrade as shown in figure below
    Firmware upgrade
  10. Click on Browse button and choose tl-wr1043nd-webflash.bin file
  11. Click on Upgrade button to start upload the tl-wr1043nd-webflash.bin file
  12. Router will reboot once the file had been uploaded
Your router is now DD-WRT. Open up a browser and navigate to, you should see the following screen. Notice that your DD-WRT firmware is v24-sp2 (05/27/13).
DD-WRT V24-sp2 (05/27/13) std




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