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D-LINK DNS-320 Firmware Upgrade from 2.00 to 2.02

I read a post about the D-LINK DNS-320 firmware version. It shows that there is new version released from D-LINK website. So I decided to give a try.
Make sure backup all data before firmware upgrade. After upgrade the firmware, the DNS-320 performance become very slow. I had to re-format the HDD and install software again in order to solve the problem.
 Upgrading Firmware
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Login to D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCentre
  • Follow step from picture below to complete the update

D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter Firmware Upgrade

Oops, I'm failed to upgrade the firmware, it prompted an error message "File is too large" at the background caused me cannot do anything, but the upgrade proccess is continue. I wait about 15 minutes without interrupt the process, lucky that the screen is go back normal.

I suspected it might be caused by fun_plug that I had installing previously. So I uninstall fun_plug & start the firmware upgrade again. Yeah! It work.


This is what had been done from Ver. 2.00 to 2.02

Firmware: 2.02 - Date: 2011/11/23

  • Same as Firmware 2.02b01

Firmware: 2.02b01 - Date: 2011/09/23

  • [New Feature] Supports IE9
  • [New Feature] Supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Time Machine
  • [Bug Fix] System Time draft issue
  • [Bug Fix] FTP backup issue with DNS-722/DNS-726
  • [Bug Fix] Solve Language Pack missing translation issue
  • [Bug Fix] FTP/HTTP Downloads and Local Backups pages are not displayed correctly in IE8
  • [Bug Fix] Scan Disk: There is no volume selectable after create 2 standalone volumes

Firmware: 2.01 - Date: 2011/07/11

  • [New Feature] Supports Amazon S3 Cloud Backup
  • [New Feature] Supports WebDAV
  • [New Feature] Supports 3TB Disk
  • [New Feature] Supports WD My Book Essential 2TB USB 2.0
  • [New Feature] External Drive with NTFS partition support Read/Write
  • [Bug Fix] P2P shared folder able to invisible via FTP
  • [Bug Fix] "Blocking unauthorized login of nobody, root and etc special users”
  • [Bug Fix] Block Raid Migration from DNS-323
  • [Bug Fix] System time will be +1 hour after restart
  • [Bug Fix] If you apply a Samba share to FTP service, you are no way to disable it individually besides deleting the whole share from "Network Share"
  • [Bug Fix] Print server does not work when custom shares are configured
  • [Bug Fix] Workgroup Name is too restrictive and does not allow legitimate characters
  • [Bug Fix] Print server does not work when custom shares are configured
  • [Bug Fix] Fan non-stopping issue
  • [Bug Fix] Cannot copy files bigger than 200MB to USB drive


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