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ATTiny45/ATTiny85 Infra-Red PS2 Keybard (ATIR)

ATIR Infra-red PS2 Keyboard Schematic ATIR Infra-red PS2 Keyboard Schematic

Original project is on published in AVR contest 06 by Steven Savage. But the link is not available any more. 

The interface plugs into a PS2 keyboard port on the PC and accepts commands from the infrared remote. I'm using an ordinary DVD remote (38KHz) to control my computer.   

The original schematic is not correct, I had make the correction for PC Data & PC Clock of SV1.
Source Code and Compliled Hex file: infra-red ps2 keybard

Both IR Detector GP1UX511QS & GP1UX301QS can be used in this circuit. I;m using GP1UX301QS for my first project, after that I'm using  GP1UX511QS to replace the GP1UX301QS since I cannot get it from the market.

I have a lot of 100uF capacitors, so I use to replace the C1 47uF capacitor.

I preferred to use ATTiny85 for the micro controller. The ATTiny85 pin is compatible to ATTin45 but with higher capacity & cheaper price.


Upload Hex file to ATtiny45
I'm using AVR Studio4 & AVRISPMKII to flash the precompiled hex file to the ATTiny45 micro controller.

The fuse settings from the AVR Studuio4 as shown in figure below, make sure do not enable CKDIV8.
AVR Studion4 Fuse Settings for ATIR
Write Keyboard Scancode to  ATTiny45 EEPROM
You must write the keyboard scan code to the ATTiny45 EEPROM before you can use this device to control computer. 
  1. Connect PS2 keyboard to the device (Pin6 & Pin7 of ATTiny45)
  2. Connect the device (Pin2 & Pin3 of ATTiny45) to the PS2 port of computer.
  3. Open any text editor from the computer. I'm using Notepad.
  4. Hold right shitf key, press & relaease left shift key then release right shift key.
  5. Now the device is in service mode, you can use your 38Khz IR remote to program the device.
  6. Press a key from your IR remote, you will notice a message appear in the notepad.
  7. Press any key from the keyboard to accept macro.
  8. Repeat 6 to 7 until you have program all the key for your IR remote
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