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Password access with Arduino using keypad

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Arduino and Keypad
This example demonstrates how to use a 4x4 matrix keypad access password from an Arduino. Sketch below required to install password and keypad library, both available at Arduino Playground. Below list the functions of password library:

Set the target password equal to password.

Is the target password equal to password

Append a character to the currently guessed password

Reset the currently guessed password

Is the guessed password equal to the target password?



How it works

  • The secret password is initialize to 1234, you can change this latter by using password.set() command 
  • The maximum of password length is set to 6, any password input length exceed 6 characters will force to execute checkPassword 
  • Waiting for input, valid key for password is 0 to 9.
  • checkPassword is executed if user press #, it compare input password (guess password) and secret password using password.evaluate()
  • If user press the D key, the secret password will reset to 123. Of course you should use your codes to change secret password with keypad.

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