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TP-Link TL-MR3020 restore from OpenWRT to Original Firmware

If you had flashing the TP-Link MR3020 firmware to OpenWRT and now you want to restore it to the original state, here is a guide on how to make it. With this guide you will able to changing between original firmware to different version OpenWRT firmware.

Download the orignal firmware from TP-Link home page
Changing OpenWRT password and enable SSH
If you haven't change the OpenWRT password, make sure you had change it in order to enable SSH
  • Go to Windows command prompt
  • Enter telnet (this is the default IP address for OpenWRT, you should use your own IP address)
  • Enter passwd to enable new password
  • Enter your new password and Retype your password, you should see the following
Changing password for root
New password:
Retype password:
Password for root changed by root


Copying Original Firmware file to TL-MR3020 router
I'm using WinSCP to copying Original Firmware file from computer to TL-MR3020 router, please visit here if you don't know what is WinSCP.
  • Extract the downloaded Zip file to your computer, you should have mr3020nv1_en_3_14_2_up(120817).bin in your computer
  • Open WinSCP
  • Copy TL-MR3020 Original Firmware file mr3020nv1_en_3_14_2_up(120817).bin from computer to the /tmp folder of TL-MR3020 router as shown in figure below
 Copying file using WinSCP
  • Rename the TL-3020 Original Firmware file mr3020nv1_en_3_14_2_up(120817).bin to a.bin for easy entering in the later step
  • Now the TL-MR3020 router /tmp folder have a filename called a.bin, you should flash this bin file to the TL-MR3020 router.
Flashing the Firmware
Once SSH is enable, you should use PuTTY to login to router.
  • Run PuTTY and login to router
  • Enter cd /tmp
  • Enter mtd -r write a.bin firmware to start flashing firmware

root@OpenWrt:/tmp# mtd -r write a.bin firmware
Unlocking firmware ...
Writing from a.bin to firmware ...
Rebooting ...



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