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OpenWRT Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS allows that your router can be reached with a fixed hostname while having a dynamically changing IP address.

Dynamic DNS is a must if you want to control your devices/network over the internet with dynamic IP address in your Local Area Network. Read this article for more about Dynamic DNS and Port Forward.

OpenWRT come with a package called luci-app-ddns but is not install by default. We must install the luci-app-ddns package in order to enable the Dynamic DNS service.

 Install Dynamic DNS package

SSH to router and execute command as below.

opkg update
opkg install luci-app-ddns


Login to router after installing luci-app-ddns package. Dynamic DNS is added to the Services menu as shown in figure below. 

OpenWRT Dynamic DNS

You must register a DDNS service such as dyndns.org, I suggest to use no-IP.com since it is free of charge. After register your desired DDNS service, enter all the required information in the Dynamic DNS page as similar to figure above.

Save the settings and reboot the router, upon restart the router, your router public IP address will update to the DDNS service site (it may take a few minutes). You can use ping command from DOS prompt to verify your IP address.

Picture below is an example of using ping command and dyndns.org as the DDNS service. Please note that ipconfig /flushdns can be omitted, it make sure clear the cache from your Ms Windows.

ipconfig /flushdns
ping ediy.dyndns.org

ping a ddns site

The result (IP address) from ping command should be same as your router public IP address (use this link to check you public IP address).


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