IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called "recipes", which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • iobeam

    iobeam is a data analytics service designed for IoT applications. Our APIs, client libraries, and hosted services make it easy to deploy applications and explore data within minutes.

    Arduino Library:

  • Nimbits

    Nimbits is a Data Logging Service and Rule Engine Platform for connecting people, sensors and software to the cloud and one another.

  • SparkFun’s

    SparkFun’s service allows you to easily push your data to the “cloud.”

  • ThingSpeak

    ThingSpeak is an open source “Internet of Things” application and API to store and retrieve data from things using HTTP over the Internet or via a Local Area Network. With ThingSpeak, you can create sensor logging applications, location tracking applications, and a social network of things with status updates.

  • Ubidots

    A cloud service to capture and make sense of sensor data.

  • Yeelink

    中国最大的物联网云平台Yeelink,为您提供传感器云服务; 并通过实时数据处理, 为您提供安全可靠的状态监控

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