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Softaculous AMPPS Web Server

I'm testing Softaculous AMPPS for my web server, by far it is working very well.
Web Server software that I had tested
WampServer is my first web server software, I change to EasyPHP until I replace my notebook.

I use EasyPHP since WampServer is not working on my Toshiba notebook.
I didn't use AppServ for my projects, because the PHP version is either too old or too new that it is not suitable for my website.

Softaculous AMPPS:
Finally I use AMMPS since EasyPHP did not display pictures for most of the Joomla slide extensions. 
Running AMPPS
  • Download AMPPS and run Ampps-1.8-setup.exe (I'm using Ver 1.8) to start the installation
  • Follow on screen instruction to complete the installation
  • Click Start -> Programs -> Ampps ->Ampps (for WinXP) to run the web server
  • Save a webpage (can be html or php file) to the www folder where you install AMPPS (eg. C:\Program Files\Ampps\www)
  • Start browser and enter http://localhost


MYSQL database is installing by default, I use phpMyAdmin to manage MYSQL. Again phpMyAdmin is installing by default.
  • Start browser and enter http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
  • phpMyAdmin is running and you can manage MYSQL database here.
  • After create MYSQL database, enter root as the user name and mysql for the password unless you change it.
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