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Fun_plug 0.7 on D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter

This article provide the step to install fun_plug 0.7 on D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter. Fun_plug allows user to start additional programs and tools on the NAS.
Pre-installation Requirements
  • D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter
  • Hard Disk Configure as Volume_1: Standard as shown in figure below

D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter Hard Drive Configuration


Configure D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter IP address

The network connection type for D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter is configure to DHCP client by default. Therefore you must connect the D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter to the DHCP Server such as internet router (most of the broadband router is already configure as DHCP server) before you can manage the D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter.

Once the DNS-320 is ready to work in your network system, you can use the free network scanner software to determine its IP address as shown in figure below.

 Detect Local IP Range

Auto Detect Local IP Range

Detected IP

The IP address for DNS-320 is detected as as shown in figure above. Now we want to change its LAN Connection Type to Static IP.


Change LAN Connection Type to Static IP

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Enter IP address for DNS-320 ShareCenter. Here we enter (You should use your own detected IP address)
  • The default use name is admin, password is blank. Just click on Login button to continue
  • The most easier way is to use Setup Wizard to configure DNS-320 ShareCenter as shown in figure below.

D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter Setup Wizard

 D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter LAN Connection Type

D-LINK DNS-320 Device Information

As shown in figure above, the IP address of the D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter is set to and the Name set as nas.




Make sure you download correct version of fun_plug for your hardware. Fun_plug 0.7 is available in two variants, version ARM for EADI-devices such as DNS-320/325/345 and version OARM for OABI-devices such as DNS-323/CH3SNAS.


Installing fun_plug

Place the 2 files (fun_plug and fun_plug.tgz) to the root directory of DNS-320 ShareCenter. You can use Window Explorer to copy files to DNS320 ShareCenter as shown in figure below. Reboot DNS-320 ShareCenter after copying the 2 files, this causes the NAS to go and find the file fun_plug on Volume_1 and execute it.

Files in the topmost directory of D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter


Fun_plug will propagate itself to the ffp folder as shown in figure below, this will take up one or two minutes. Fun_plug is installing successfully if you see the following screen.

Installing fun plug sucessful


Change Root Password

Telnet to DNS-320 ShareCenter as shown in figure below. You should use your own Host Name (or IP address).

PuTTY Login


Updating /etc/shadow by using the program pwconv.

usermod -s /ffp/bin/sh root
mkdir -p /ffp/home/root/
sed -ie 's#:/home/root:#:/ffp/home/root:#g' /etc/passwd

The output should look like this:

PuTTY Change Password


Change the password of user “root” to prevent unauthorized access.


The output should look like this:

PuTTY Change Root Password


Verify Root Password is Working

If this was successful, proceed to the next step, otherwise return to “passwd“.


 PuTTY Verify Password


Store Password Permanently

This step is essential, otherwise your password will be cleared on the next reboot. Make sure internet is working before execute the command.

wget -O /ffp/sbin/

The output should look like this:

 PuTTY Store Password Permanently


Activate SSH

For security purpose, SSH must activate.

chmod a+x /ffp/start/
sh /ffp/start/ start


Verify SSH is working

  • Reboot the router
  • Login with SSH as shown in figure below. You should use your own Host Name (or IP address)
  • Enter root as User Name
  • Enter the password. This is the password you had just created
  • If login sucessful, proceed to the next step.

SSH to D-LINK DNS-320 ShareCenter


Deactivate Telnet

For security purpose, Telnet shold be deactivate if everything is successful.

chmod -x /ffp/start/


Please continue to read next article to installing additional packages for fun_plug.

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