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Running Ubuntu On Windows

Running Ubuntu On Windows

I'm a Windows user and I always play with Linux on embedded system. Therefore I need a computer which is effective exchange of information between Windows OS & Linux OS.

This article provides information on how to install Ubuntu on Oracle VirtualBox with the following features:

  1. Run both Linux(Ubuntu) and Windows together.
  2. Sharing clipboard content between OS
  3. File sharing between OS
  4. Internet connection sharing

Download Virtualbox

Virtualbox is a free tool which can run a guest operating system (eg. Linux) in a Window, this makes it easy to move information between two OS. VirtualBox is available here.

Download Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a full-featured Linux operating system which is based on Debian distribution and freely available with both community and professional support. OSBoxes offers you ready-to-use VirtualBox and VMware guest operating, you can download the 32bit and 64bit Ubuntu image for VirtualBox from

Setup VirtualBox

  • After installation, launch it and you'll see a VirtualBox empty screen as shown in figure below.
    Oracle VM Virtual Manager
  • Click on New button in the main tool to create a new virtual machine.
    Create Virtual Machine
  • Set the memory size
    Memory size
  • Add a virtual hard disk. Select the  Ubuntu image (vdi) file which you've previously downloaded.
    Virtual hard disk
  • Click on Settings button in the main tool and then click on Network button to configure the network settings. In order to assign the Ubuntu IP address in the same network segment as the Windows,  the network interface (Attached to) must configured to Bridged Adapter.
  • Finally click on the new Virtual Machine to launch the Ubuntu OS inside VirtualBox. After the booting process has been completed, enter as the password as shown in figure below.
    Ubuntu login

Setup addition software on VirtualBox

  • Upon successful login, Ubuntu desktop should appear on the screen as shown in fogure below. You can test your internet connection with the Firefox browser.
    Ubuntu Desktop
  • Enabled bidirectional clipboard sharing.
    Shared Clipboard
  • Mounts the Guest Additions ISO file inside your virtual machine (required to enter "" password to continue), it then start the Guest Additions installer automatically.
    Insert Guest Additions CD image

  • Once done. Restart the Virtual Machine. Test your clipboard and network sharing between Ubuntu and Windows.
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